My baby is wheezing?

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Emma.Pie asked:

My 7 month old daughter has had a cold for a few days. She has quite a bad cough and today has started wheezing when she breathes.
I gave her calpol for her cold but it doesn’t seem to help. I phoned NHS Direct tonight and they said as long as she’s not gasping for breath and is otherwise acting normal, there is nothing to worry about.
I went to the chemist yesterday and they had no medication for a baby under 2 with a cough.

Can anyone suggest any home remedies.

I have tried snuggle babe, baby olbass oil and she has a cool water humidifier in her room.

I would make a doctors appointment tomorrow but we will be flying down to London for a week.

Any suggestions?????

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  1. Rad-Tech Says:

    Theres nothing much you can do for a child so young. My pharmacist actually told us we could use children’s cough medicine but only a very small dose, but it doesn’t really help my daughter when she is sick. She wheezing a lot, but she has asthma and takes breathing treatments. As long as she has no fever and isn’t breathing quickly (count her breaths, over 60 a minute is something to worry about) or having trouble breathing, then its probably just a little cold.

  2. Blackwell754 Says:

    Theres not much you can do other than what you’re already doing.

    When my 9 month old had a cold I steamed the bathroom up with the hot shower then gave her a warm bath. That at least cleared her airways. Then I put Olbass oil on her PJ’s. If you keep her room pretty warm at night then that helps too. If your worried about her having problems breathing then put a fan in the room. I always have the fan on at night to keep the air circulating…

    Hopefully she’ll be over her cold in a few days. Good luck with the doctor tomorrow, they can be pretty tight when it comes to med’s for babies.

  3. Stop being so freaking grumpy Says:

    You should be using regular saline nasal spray for her. Just lay her down and squirt some in each nostril, it’ll make her gag most likely because she suddenly has to swallow. Then use a nasal aspirator to suck it back out. It’ll clear up the cold and stop the post nasal drip thats causing the cough.

    I have done this with my son since he was a few weeks old, at the first sign of a cold. He’s two now and has never had a cough. not once, and never a cold thats lasted more than a day or two.

    If she’s running a fever AND weezing I would take her to the ER just to make sure she doesnt have a secondary infection in her lungs from the mucus, which could lead to pnuemonia.

  4. nonsteroidalantianalgesic Says:

    being little, your baby will suffer many respiratory disorder, but rest assure it will pass as she grows older and her organs matures…anyways, the cough causes her throat to inflame and causes narrowing of the airway passages, therefore, causing the wheezing sound that you hear….it may be distressful to you, but your baby is fine….one way of solving this problem is to sooth the membranes of her throat….you can do this by taking your baby into your bathroom and allow her to breath in the steam from your showerhead…..also put some vapor rub on her feet, this will also helps with her symptoms.